• Front Clamp: Large
  • Rear Clamp: N/A
  • Straps: 13.00″ strap with Rubber Bund


Watch video of this mount in action!

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At the moment there is no product specific video for this mount. The video above of the Aeronca TC65 uses a similar version.

This configuration comprises a large front clamp with a laser cut rubber bund attached to a 13.00″ strap.   Due to the smaller chord length strut it is not feasible to use a separate rear clamp.  Instead, a laser cut rubber piece (ie bund) is attached to the strap.  The rubber bund is positioned on the strap so that when the strap is tightened it falls mid way on the trialing edge and adds a non marring gripping force.  Clamp parts are 6061-T6 CNC machined from custom extrusions designed specifically for this application. All CNC machined parts are then anodized black. All additional assembly hardware is 1018 Stainless Steel. Camera interface is a professional ball mount with a 1/4-20 threaded stud. The professional ball mount allows the ability to set the shot in an any orientation desired then lock it in place. Ie Forward, Aft, toward pilot, straight down etc. The front clamp contacts the leading edge at opposing tangent points with a set of rubber feet. Included are two different sets of rubber feet in a soft and hard compound.

This configuration is used on the following Aircraft:

Aeroprakt Foxbat: 

  • A-22


  • Husky


Your Camera may require an adapter to use the Coud 9 mount please read below and understand your mounting needs before placing order!

With the camera interface being a 1/4-20 threaded stud some cameras will require a tripod adapter.  Cameras with an integrated threaded insert for tripod mounting will not.  Below is a list of common cameras and their mounting needs.  We will be offering CNC machined Tripod Adapters for sale soon but until they are available please see below for more info on adapters.

  • No adapter needed:  Drift, Sony and newer Contour
  • Adapter needed: Gopro, Garmin, Replay & 360 Fly
Click here for more in depth adapter information and where to buy them online


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